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About Us

This site is currently dedicated to learner support. Solutions Not Confusion (SNC) was started in March 2004 and is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to learner support to resolve confusion within shared file areas and allow extended access.  At that time our site used simple web building tools from Lycos and was more formally entitled 'Solutions not Confusion'. 

This became shortened to our initials SNC by our users and the shortened name has stuck!  We are a, self funding, non-profit making, organisation dedicated to learner support.

This site offers tutors - the opportunity to have their files available for learners, on-line, 24x7.

How does this help!  It SAVES tutor resources, paper, ink cartridges. You do not need to know how to write a web page it is done for you! 

*    24x7, learners can work at times that suit them and still have access to the materials and resources that you have provided.  

*    It is also very useful for tutors who work off site all you need is an internet connection. 

*    Allowing additional differential material to be downloaded, as required, without the need for carrying reams of additional tasks, and of course the ones you always forget to take, but wish you had. 

There are common areas were you could place your, password-protected files, under your own directory heading, for the use of just your group. Or by arrangement you can have your own secure area, with your own password.  It's all as simple as moving files between directories on MS Windows.  

If you need to prevent learners from copying sections of your material, then we can offer a transcription service into Portable Document Format [PDF]. With this security, your files can be uploaded, or accessed from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

We welcome users with vision!

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